2018Fun Packed Holiday, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, TX

2018The Hydra, M+B, Los Angeles, NY

2017Chaos Power Center, 11R, New York, NY

2016Jennie Lieun Lee & Mariah Robertson, 11R, New York, NY

2015Photography Lovers' Peninsula, M+B, Los Angeles, CA

2014Paris Photo Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

2013Permanent Puberty,American Contemporary Gallery,New York, New York

2012Let's Change,Grand Arts,Kansas City, Missouri

2011BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art,curated by Laurence Sillars, Gateshead, UK

2011Hot Tropical Rain Jam,Museum 52,New York, New York

2011Conscious Utah Awesomeness Children,CU Art Center,Salt Lake City, Utah

2010Performance,PS.1/MoMA,Queens, New York

2010The Joy of C-Prints,NOMA Gallery,San Francisco, California

2009Take Better Pictures,Museum 52,New York, New York

2009I am Passions,Marvelli Gallery,New York, New York

2007Nudes Still Lives and Landscapes,Guild & Greyshkul,New York, New York

2006Please lie down and take a nap with me in my grave,Guild & Greyshkul,New York, New York


2018Screenspace, curated by Vik Muniz, Lucas Blalock, Barney Kulok, Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo, BR

2017Women in Color, curated by Ellen Carey, Rubber Factory, New York, NY

2017LIMINAL FOCUS, curated by Jesse Penridge, Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York, NY

2016Cut-Up, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT

2016New Photography, BAM, New York, NY

2016Island States, Tops Gallery, Memphis, TN

2016This is a Photograph, Penland Gallery, Penland, NC

2016Surrogates, Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver BC

2016World Made By Hand, Andrew Edwin Gallery, New York, NY

2016Vapegoat Rising, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles, CA

2015Russian Doll, M+B, Los Angeles, CA

2015Panic Pants, organized by Tatiana Kronberg, Essex Flowers, New York, NY

2015Back to the Real, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO

2015Part Picture, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON

2015Jessica Eaton, Mariah Robertson, Alison Rossiter.Transformer Station,Cleveland, Ohio

2015Picture/Thing, Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University Center for the Arts, Middletown, CT

2015Color Fields, Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

2015Picture/Thing, Zilkha Gallery,Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut

2015Color Fields, Massachusetts College of Art and Design,Boston, Massachusetts

2014Shandaken Project 3-Year Retrospective,New York, New York

2014Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography, Heckscher MuseumHuntington, New York

2014By Proxy, James Cohan GalleryNew York, New York

2014Manipulated, Gutstein Gallery at Savannah College of Art and DesignSavannah, Georgia

2014Me + Benjamin, Galerie XippasParis, France

2014Broken Surface Artificial Material, Halsey McKayEast Hampton, New York

2014Chem 101, The William Benton Museum of Art at the University of ConnecticutMansfield, Connecticut

2014One Thing Then Another, 3 Days AwakeLos Angeles, California

2014Aggregate Exposure, George Lawson GallerySan Francisco, California

2014The Material Image, Marianne Boesky GalleryNew York, New York

2014Zero Point, Jackie Klempay GalleryBrooklyn, New York

2014Process Priority, Steven Zevitas GalleryBoston, Massachusetts

2014Forced Collaboration, ArtSpaceNew Haven, Connecticut

2014A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio, MoMANew York, New York

2014What Is a Photograph? International Center of PhotographyNew York, New York k

2014 Outside the Lines: Rites of Spring,Contemporary Art Museum HoustonHouston, Texas

2013How Things are Made (an exhibition in 3 parts),Spot Welders,New York, New York

2013Desire,Yancey Richardson Gallery,New York, New York

2013Under My Skin,Flowers Gallery,New York, New York

2013Old Black,Team Gallery,New York, New York

2013More Young Americans,L'Enclos des Bernardins, H么tel de Miramion,Paris, France

201319 New Acquisitions,MoMA,New York, New York

2012Life is God's Musical: 4 Movements,Art In Embassies,Washington, District of Columbia

2012The Arts ClubLondon, England

2012Space Invaders,Lehman College

2012Photography Sculpture Figure,M+B,Los Angeles, California

2012HIJACK!Jack Shainman Gallery,New York, NY

2012Manscape: Man as Subject and Object,Lora Reynolds Gallery,Austin, Texas

2012The Space in Between,Steven Zevitas,Boston, Massachusetts

2012Out of Focus: Photography,Saatchi Gallery,London, England

2012Second Nature: Abstract Photography Then and Now,de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum,Lincoln, Massachusetts


2012The Hort Family CollectionNew York, New York

2012Someone Puts a Pineapple Together, ACME,Los Angeles, California

2011The Living Room,Field Projects,New York, New York

2011Total Lunar Eclipse,CRY BABY,Los Angeles, California

2011PICTURES,Gallery Target,Tokyo, Japan

2011Fight/Flight,Franklin Parrasch Gallery,New York, New York

2011All This Happened, More or Less,The Popular Workshop,San Francisco, California

2011Channel to the New Image,Friedrich Petzel Gallery,New York, New York

2011Perfectly Damaged,Derek Eller Gallery,New York, New York

2011YEAH!Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art,New Castle, England

2011Against the Way Things Go,Gasser Grunert,New York, New York

2011Process(ing),Galerie Perrotin,Paris, France

2010Skins,OHWOW,Miami, FL

201050 Artists Photograph the Future,Higher Pictures,New York, New York

2010IN SIDE OUT,Susan Inglett Gallery,New York, New York

2010Color as Form: Playing the Spectrum,Silver Eye Centre for Photography,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2010Untitled,Newman Popiashvili,New York, New York

2010Greater New York,PS1/MoMA,Queens, New York

2010Judith Esler, Bryn McConnell, Mariah Robertson. Greenberg Van Doren Gallery,New York, New York

2010Mexican Blanket,Museum 52,London, England

2010A Word Like Tomorrow Wears Things Out,Sikkema Jenkins,New York, New York

2009On From Here,Guild & Greyshkul,New York, New York

2009Wrong: A Program of Text and Image,Eighth Veil,Los Angeles, California

2009I'm Feeling Lucky,P.P.O.W. Gallery,New York, New York

2009Palomar: Experimental Photography,Marvelli Gallery,New York, New York

2009Transfer Function,Zieher Smith,New York, New York

2009The Company Presents: A Video Screening,Miami, Florida

2009If the Dogs are Barking,Apartment Show at Artists Space,New York, New York

2009XOXO,Apartment Show,Brooklyn, New York

2008Deadliest Catch: Hamptons,CORE,Hamptons, New York

2008From Viennese Actionism to the Triumph of Vince Young,CRG Gallery,New York, New York

2008Summer Mixtape Volume 1: the Get Smart edition,Exit Art,New York, New York

2008FRIENDLY, Organized by Sam Clagnaz and Tommy Hartung,New York, New York

2008Sonata for Executioner and Various Young Women,Andre Schlechtreim Contemporary,New York, New York

2007Where To: Artists Environ a Cab,The Lab,San Francisco, California

2007Practical F/X,Mary Boone Gallery, NYSTUFF: International ContemporaryNew York, New York

2007A Moving World,Gallery W 52,New York, New York

2007Divine Find,Stonefox Artspace,New York, New York

2007Art From the Collection of Burt Aaron,Museum of Contemporary Art,Detroit, Michigan

2006The Seventh Side of Die,Alona Kagan Gallery,New York, New York

2006The Truth About Susan Gescheidle,The Center of Attention,Chicago, Illinois

2006Haunted States,Grand Arts,Kansas City, Missouri

2006Help Yourself,Helen Pitt Gallery,Vancouver, British Columbia

2005Community Theater Art Space Annex,New Haven, Connecticut

2005Video Pleasures, East Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley,Berkeley, California

2005Loop Video Festival,Barcelona, Spain

2005Early February, Green Hall Gallery,New Haven, Connecticut


The Sir Elton John Photography Collection

Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

UBS Art Collection, New York, NY

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

Bidwell Projects, Cleveland, Ohio